Im Mike.

a web developer

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I am a beginner web developer with a lot of IT experience. I have a passion for technology, specifically coding and the Linux Operating System. I am the owner of Theos Innovations an IT/business consulting company which specializes in medicaid related compliance in the state of Idaho. I love warships and classic wood boats as well as woodworking.

My Skills.

Laptop Programming

IT/Business Consulting

I have been involved in the IT and Business world for over 20 years and working in compliance/quality assurance for 8 years. I opened Theos Innovations in 2018 part time and went full time in 2020. I have been involved in many aspects of IT/business and recently have begone Full-Stack Web Development.

Wood Blocks

Wood Working

Wood working has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I love to build a variety of items, especially wooden toys.

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